Introduction Since our Hindu culture lays great emphasis on practice, and virtually ignores empty intellectual arguments that are unaccompanied by any positive action, these few memoirs from Dr. Hedgewar's life assume tremendous importance in the Hindu Renaissance of today. These simple incidents touch the heart, and the actions depicted therein show the depth of national character, of a towering personality. Imbued with profound meaning, Dr.Hedgewar's day-to-day activities and conversations have become the fountainhead of inspiration for millions worldwide.

Like the holy Ganga river, these holistic memoirs have cleansed away the centuries - old, accumulated bad habits from our people. Like a skilled sculptor, Doctorjee carved out magnificent national foundation pillars from ordinary school children. These memoirs are from their devoted hearts and from their inspired lives dedicated to the service of Bharatmata.

May these memoirs forever be the beacons of everlasting inspiration in our hearts. May they give us the towering personality and stability of the Himalayas; the purity of mother Ganga; the depth of the ocean, the courage of the lion, and a creativity soaring to the skies. May we be inspired like the Rishi Dadheechi, to give our all, for Bharatmata. May we feel inspired to follow the lofty footsteps of Rashtra Rishi (National Seer) Dr. Hedgewar. May the Lord Almighty bless us in our endeavor!

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Narrations From Shri Abaji Hedgewar:

The 1901 Coronation of King Edward VII

The Rejection of Laddus (Sweets)

Student Participation In Freedom Struggle

The Episode Of The Tunnel

Midnight Walks

Ironclad Determination

The Famous "Vande-Mataram" Episode

Hedgewar Missing!

Job Offer Rejected

Marriage Rejected

Narrated by Shri Annaji Vaidya:
(Industrialist, and a Swayamsevak since the first shakha in 1925.)

Close Encounter With Nagpur Police

Steadfastness to Goals

Refused To Be Photographed

Leadership Under Duress

Saint's Magnanimity

Great Bravery

The Ghost of Casteism

Accurate, Honest Accounting

Narrated by Mr. Kali
(Our Advocate and a Literary Figure from Sounser, Chhindawada District (M.P))

Forget the temporary differences, Re-build the Friendship

Doctorjee's Principles

Magnanimity In spite of Political Differences

Narrated by Dr. Mohrir
( Doctorjee's close friend from his student days )

Separate National Identity

Courage even as a small boy

Story Of The Stained Towel

The Story Of Dowry And Marriage

Doctorjee, the Foremost Relief Worker

Merging The Identity

related by the late Dr. Amulya Ghosh
Keshava's classmate from Medical College in Calcutta.)

Lion-Like Courage

Physical Strength

Candid Conversation

Narrated by Mr. G.V. Ketkar
(A Grandson of Lokmanya B.G.Tilak, a well-known journalist and editor of "Tarun Bharat" Daily News Paper)

Doctorjee's sense of Justice

Tactfulness Of Doctorjee

Narrated by Shri Baburak Paldhikar:
 (A swayamsevak from childhood and pracharak for Orissa province)

British spies after Doctorjee

Narrated by Advocate  Baburao Kanhe of Nagpur:
(Sanghachalak for Vidarbha province)

Doctorjee turns a reluctant person into an ardent well-wisher

Narrated by Pundit Damodar Satawalekar:
(A great scholar of Vedas, a researcher, a prolific writer, and founder of "Swadhyaya Mandal", from Paradi, in Surat District of Gujarat)

Doctorjee's Relentless Pursuit Of Goals

Narrated by Shri Waikar of Dadia town, Balghat District (M.P.)

Heart Conquers Money

Story of Rajaram Maharaj

published in "Rashtra Shakti" Marathi weekly of Nagpur:

Doctorjee saw positive qualities in everything!

Doctorjee Always Put Others' Convenience First

Doctorjee And Music

of P.P.Doctor Hedgewar - II

Doctorjee's Sense Of Justice For All

Swayamsevaks’ Discipline Begets a Muslim Admirer

Related by Shri Nana Saheb Bhagwat, a classmate of Doctorjee:
(Shri Bhagwat was the Sangha Chalak of Chanda District)

Doctorjee Faces Newspaper Critic

Narrated By an Anonymous Person:

Doctorjee Always Made Friendship For a Lifetime

Doctorjee Helped In Marriages

Doctorjee's Ties to The International Revolutionary Freedom Fighters

Doctorjee's Friendships Transcended Politics

Doctorjee's Views On Muslims

Poor Capitalist, Rich Socialist

by Shri Parashuram Pant Badhiye

It is but a small set of events, but they have left an indelible impression on my mind

For Doctorjee, Other People's Convenience Always Came First

The story of Muktapur Summer

Even In Extreme Sickness, Doctorjee Saw Swayamsevaks First

by Shri Bhausaheb Bhuskute:
(A famous "Sardar" family person, swayamsevak since his childhood)

Ever Optimistic Doctorjee

Doctorjee's Emphasis on Achieving Set Goals

Doctorjee was Respected by a Muslim Leader

Doctorjee Practiced "Sarveshaam Avirodhena"

Doctorjee Fearlessly Defied Insulting British Regulations

P.P. Doctorjee's Guidance Distinguishes...

Nothing is too small, No activity is Trivial or Less Important

Doctorjee gives the correct Perspective About the Flag

Real Observance is Superior to showmanship

There was A Meaning to Everthing P.P.Doctorjee Did

Criticism should be constructive

Narrated by Shri N.V.Lele:
(A longstanding swayamsevak and publisher of "Hindusthan Samachar" daily newspaper)

P.P.Doctorjee Valued Heart over Money

by Shri Baba Saheb Bhide:
(A leading Attorney of Pune (Maharashtra) and the province Sanghachalak (senior most responsibility holder) for Maharashtra)

Taking God's Darshana

Oranges from Nagpur Won't sell in Pune

He blended into Each Household Easily

A Swayamsevak's health was more precious to him than "olympic fame"

Narrated by Shri. Baba Saheb Kolate:
(Shri Baba Saheb Kolate, Doctorjee’s teacher, a well-known social leader from Madhya Pradesh, who eventually became a Sanghachalak of Vidarbha.)

Doctorjee visited a Shakha...

Doctorjee was Sick...

“Doctorjee joked his way to overcome empty vanity”

Swayamsevak failed a school exam...

“Compassion was P.P.Doctorjee’s Hallmark”

“P.P.Doctorjee was a firm promoter of education”

“He saw to the welfare of his society everywhere”

Clarity of Vision

P.P.Doctorjee’s clarity of Vision – II

P.P.Doctorjee Never Hesitated to uphold truth and Honesty

P.P.Doctorjee covered up for his fellow-workers’ slips

Narrated by Shri. Krishnarao Mohrir 
(A colleague of P.P.Doctorjee from the first day of Sangha)

P.P.Doctorjee had faith, even in trying times

The Story of Akola Jail

P.P.Doctorjee imparted “Samskaaras” through no lectures, just good personal relationships

The Story of “Choona”

The Story of False Excuses

Task must be finished” - P.P.Doctorjee’s motto

Narrated by Shri. Balasastry Hardas
(A well-known author)

“No Self-Praise”

P.P.Doctorjee and Pre-Sangha revolutionary Activity

Narrated by Shri. Yadavarao Joshi
(He was the principle prachaarak for south India, and later, All India Prachaar Pramukh.  He had the good fortune to be in close personal contact with P.P.Doctorjee for eight years)

P.P.Doctorjee had extreme confidence in ultimate victory

P.P.Doctorjee exposes false accusations

P.P.Doctorjee explains the concept behind Sangha’s pledge of Dedication

P.P.Doctorjee Saw Organization in Everything

P.P.Doctorjee did not Tolerate Narrow Mindedness-

P.P.Doctorjee’s Humility overcame the most stubborn objections

P.P.Doctorjee succeeded without even basic supplies

P.P.Doctorjee and a young Muslim

P.P.Doctorjee Loved fellow nationalists to the core

P.P.Doctorjee turned his Jailer (Mr. Ford) into his admirer

P.P.Doctorjee successfully repealed a “Bogus” law

P.P.Doctorjee took his lessons even from his adversaries

P.P.Doctorjee Warned against procrastination

P.P.Doctorjee was always faithful to his fellow Revolutionary Freedom Fighters

Sardar Vithalbhai Patel visits Nagpur shakha

Prominent literary personalities visit the Sangha Shiksha Varga

Spy follows P.P.Doctorjee to Kolkatta

P.P.Doctorjee was always focused

The story of a circular (“Patraka Prakarana”) (Patraka- circular or memo, Prakarana- ‘Story’ or ‘chapter’)

Politics did not enter into P.P.Doctorjee’s friendships

Arab Muslim blesses the First Vijayadashami Route March of Sangha Swayamsevaks

P.P.Doctorjee had overcome his ego completely

P.P.Doctorjee was an Independent, Trend-Setter

P.P.Doctorjee did not hesitate to take bold steps

Even British Jailers confided their woes to P.P.Doctorjee

P.P. Doctorjee’s cheerful smile remained unchanged, even in times of acute hunger

P.P.Doctorjee’s Health actually improved in Prison!

P.P.Doctorjee was good rifle shooter

P.P.Doctorjee and his best friend in Kolkatta

Inertia of old leaders threw cold water on P.P.Doctorjee’s early plans to free Bharat

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was P.P.Doctorjee’s Ideal, Mentor

P.P.Doctorjee guided Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji

P.P.Doctorjee and P.P. Guruji responded to badgering equally well

Even in his dreams, P.P.Doctorjee taught a principle

P.P.Doctorjee’s final days

The day before

P.P.Doctorjee believed strongly in simplicity

P.P.Doctorjee’s adversaries too, were his close personal friends

P.P.Doctorjee and his old Revolutionary Friends

P.P.Doctorjee’s Immense humility and self-confidence

P.P.Doctorjee and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

More Encounters between P.P.Doctorjee and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

P.P.Doctorjee defines a social worker

“Grace Under Pressure”